Managed WordPress hosting is becoming increasingly popular as a reliable, secure way to host your WordPress website. But what does it involve, and how can you ensure that your website runs smoothly with the help of managed WordPress hosting?

There is an exciting new company in the scalable WordPress community: 

We recommend Convesio, a powerful cloud-based hosting platform that offers optimized managed WordPress hosting packages tailored to the needs of the individual user. 

What I really like from a DevOps perspective is their unique ability to work on scalability concepts with docker containers, which is very helpful when we are talking about hosting environments for these types of accounts: 

Check out some of the other features here, but here are some highlights: 

1- WooCommerce powered stores

An email goes out with a great sale, and your customers are hitting your site hard. If your hosting does not scale during traffic spikes-  customers will jump, and your conversion rations will be lower. So you need to keep the pages loading fast. Convesio was built for this. 

2- Learning Management Systems

Are you running a class? Meet-up or some other live event? Convesio automatically scales up resources during online classes and down again when students log out. This is a great feature for those of you in the space. 

3- Online News Sites and Viral Publications

Convesio provides integration with Cloudflare Enterprise for no additional cost on some plans. This way, load times are fast anywhere in the world. This worldwide elasticity you will find important as you scale. 

4- Live Events Websites

Just like in commerce, you do not want to release tickets for events, and your server bog down. And so Convesio supports hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users as they register for and attend your live events online. 

5- Membership sites

Scaling your UX also remains consistent and fast as your members interact with your WordPress site. What is the worse experience you can think of for your members? Slow and jacked-up UX has to be close to the top. 

Helping to scale political blogs, I have seen major spikes in users when one of our clients is on the evening news. With Convesio, we will see how that scaling works in real-time.

With state-of-the-art technology designed to take care of mundane server maintenance tasks while still allowing full access and control over your website, Convesio is perfect for those who want an optimal hosting experience without needing specialized technical skills.

Convesio’s Managed WordPress Hosting plans offer high-performance cloud servers coupled with advanced security measures to keep your website safe and running smoothly. 

The plans feature automatic updates, regular backups, multiple staging sites for testing content changes before they go live, and automated migration services with no downtime or data loss in transferring from other providers or self-hosted environments. 

All plans also come with 24/7 support, so any issues are handled quickly by experienced professionals.

In addition to these benefits, Convesio offers easy scalability options so that as your website grows you can have peace of mind knowing there will be no interruption in its service – simply choose a larger plan to accommodate the increased traffic without compromising on features or performance.

Overall, Convesio‘s Managed WordPress Hosting service provides everything you need to get up and running quickly whilst ensuring maximum uptime for your site. With dedicated customer support on hand at all times alongside unbeatable performance and reliability, their solutions make managing a successful WordPress site easier than ever before.