A website is an indispensable element for any business to succeed. To keep yourself available to yours customers at all times, it is essential to build a strong online presence. As online marketplace is gaining momentum, with majority of people loving the convenience and accessibility it offers, most businesses now go beyond providing products and services information on their company website, thus enabling visitors to make purchases directly online. So there comes the need to build your own website for your e-Commerce business!

There are several ways in which you can set up an eCommerce store, but WordPress is considered exceptional. The powerful, flexible and convenient features of WordPress make it a popular choice among business owners. Although WordPress started as a blogging tool, but through the years, it has evolved into a powerful website builder and a robust Content Management System (CMS), giving its users flexibility and ease to create different types of websites and run them flawlessly.

So, what makes WordPress an imperative choice among business owners of all kinds? Let?s find out.

  1. It’s free: There are many platforms available once you decide to launch your website, each charging you ongoing fees over the life of your site for using the services as well as for hosting. WordPress is an exception that does not charge you any ongoing fees. You can build your own site free of cost using the available themes, through its open source marketplace or can even hire a developer in case you want to get it done professionally. You can also hire hosting services from one of those companies that provide you with high quality hosting services, and save yourself time and effort!
  2. It’s completely customizable: Where other platforms offer their customers a limited number of templates to build sites from, WordPress comes with thousands of themes to choose from, either free or premium, which makes WordPress completely customizable. Additionally, there?s WordPress plugin repository for you to simply pick the one for you, depending on the kind of website you are running and one that matches your requirement.
  3. It’s SEO friendly: WordPress is known to provide you with best rankings on the search engines. You can customize each page of your website for better SEO, create title tags, meta-descriptions and optimized URLs. If you find that the default SEO functionality is lacking somewhere, there are some truly amazing SEO plugins for WordPress that you can consider, to optimize your pages to reach for better rankings.
  4. It’s easy to use: One of the best things about WordPress is that you don?t need to be a master of computer skills! Even if you don?t have a technical expertise, you will find WordPress easy to explore without much hassle.
  5. It’s safe: When you run an online store, your customers trust you with their sensitive personal information making you responsible to keep their information safe. WordPress is known to be a very secure platform, provided you keep it updated, whenever a new version checks-in. Hackers are all around and considering this fact, WordPress offers you security plugins to keep your website well-protected!

Conclusion: Running an eCommerce business could be a challenging task and so is to make a quality eCommerce website. But with WordPress coming to your rescue, it can be a piece of cake! So enjoy, while WordPress takes care of your online business!!